1,000 ampere AC contactor from the inside – All information

Service calls on a 1000 ampere AC contactor

In the case of aging central inverters , the longer the period of operation progresses, the more frequently it happens that components have to be replaced in order to ensure smooth operation.

The 1000 ampere AC contactor is a part that has recently been used more often for service by our employees. In systems with 10 or more years of operation, it may happen that this otherwise very stable and durable switch needs repair or replacement.

1000 Ampere AC Schuetz von innen

“Der Elektrotechniker”

Our long-time employee Thomas Böhm, Head of Technology Germany, has had a very interesting, successful and instructive YouTube channel for a few months – Der Elektrotechniker . There he once disassembled an AC contactor and shows what the inner workings look like.

In his video, he opens a Moeller/Eaton DIL M820 power contactor and looks at the mechanics, the switching tube set, the pickup coil and the electronics. This contactor can be controlled either via an external voltage of 110-250V, via a PLC switching output (24V) or directly via low-load command devices such as position switches, etc.

The everyday life of a technician

Have you always been curious about what everyday life looks like as a technician at a solar power plant? What dangers are lurking, what challenges can arise and what needs to be considered?

Thomas talks about assignments, presents types of errors, gives tips and tricks on tools and troubleshooting… simply worth seeing! Have a look at his YouTube channel “Der Elektrotechniker” .

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