High solar radiation in March 2022

A lot of sun in March – curse and blessing at the same time

High insolation in March. A blessing for power generation through photovoltaics in Germany – but also a high demand for the inverter. The number of breakdowns is increasing, delivery times and prices for spare parts are increasing and increasing… Blueray Services GmbH can help.

Defekte Zentralwechselrichter im Maerz 2022
Bild eines IGBT-Phasencrashs nach fehlerhafter Ansteuerung unter Volllast. Hier gibt es einiges zu tun.

Record irradiation in March

After it felt like there hadn’t been any sunshine in Germany for months, March this year tried to make up for it with record levels of sunshine. Our systems in Germany are currently more than 60% above the long-term average for March radiation. As a power plant operator, we are of course pleased about that. The share of renewable energies in the electricity mix increased significantly in March. And the sad situation surrounding the war in Ukraine shows us again that we need to put more focus on independence, renewable energies and diversification when it comes to power generation in order to stop the war machine in the oil states such as . to stop funding Russia.

Defective central inverter

However, the number of service calls for our own central inverters and our customers’ inverters also shows that the high level of radiation and the associated thermal load on the devices is increasingly leading to defects and failures. Older inverters in particular increasingly show faults in the areas of control electronics, DC contactors and cooling/ventilation.

We are here for you!

Thanks to our well-trained technicians and full spare parts warehouse, we were able to minimize downtime and keep availability high. The delivery times for spare parts are increasing almost as fast as the prices. Anyone who has failed to take precautions here must, in case of doubt, be prepared for long downtimes.

Blueray Services can help here in particular with inverters from the manufacturer Schneider Electric (GT series and XC series). We offer tailor-made service contracts for repairs, maintenance, remote support and spare parts supply. We also support other manufacturers such as Refusol, ABB, SMA or Siemens with maintenance and repairs.

If you are interested in our services, the best way to reach us is at info@blueray-services.de

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