Maintenance of Schneider Eletric / Xantrex GT inverters

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Why a 10 year maintenance?

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Inverter technology

The inverter is the heart of a PV system. Here, the direct current generated by the solar modules is bundled and converted into alternating current, which is then in turn transported to the grid connection point via the downstream transformer at the desired voltage level, preferably with a very high degree of efficiency.

The average planned service life of solar power plants is usually at least 20 years, and in some cases 30 years or more. Although low-maintenance and low-wear, solar power plants are nevertheless not maintenance-free. Especially the inverter needs regular inspections and maintenance to ensure a smooth and safe operation.

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Components such as control electronics boards have a limited service life. The average service life of the electrolytic capacitors on the boards is 10-15 years, depending on the thermal load.

Due to the aging of the installed, electronic components, the probability of failures increases in the course of the operating time, sometimes with serious dangers and consequences for the inverter or the technician. A common cause of inverter failure is the wear of electrolytic capacitors on control boards. Swelling of the capacitors and resulting defects can cause faulty control of the IGBT and lead to serious failures. With delivery times of sometimes more than 30 weeks for such special boards, long downtimes can occur.

As part of the 10-year maintenance, the evaluation, measurement and control boards of the Schneider / Xantrex GT series are replaced preventively, among other things, to enable continued safe and trouble-free operation, increase availability and maximize yield.

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Operational safety and risks

The replacement of critical components of the power electronics increases the operational reliability of the inverters. After 10 years or more of operation, signs of wear on the electronics lead to higher error frequency in the control of the IGBT. This leads to unnecessary heat losses and additional thermal stress on the electronic components and, in the worst case, to a faulty control of the IGBTs and the associated risk of fire and explosion.

These so-called phase crashes can destroy the inverter and cause serious injuries if a person is present in the inverter building at the same time. To maximize the safety of technicians working on the equipment, maintaining the operational safety of the inverters is our top priority.

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Scope of inverter maintenance

This is included in the 10-year maintenance

With decades of experience in the maintenance and repair of industrial and solar inverters, our team of experts recommends the replacement of the following components as part of the 10-year maintenance of Schneider / Xantrex GT inverters, taking into account manufacturer specifications and component life cycles (mean time of failure):

  • IGNITION DISTRIBUTER BOX (ignition distributor A5, A50, A51, A52, A53)
  • BOARD DOUBLE TRIG (A914, A936, A952)
  • Module driver
  • Power supply 24V DC (G3)
  • Universal switchgear suppression module (Z1, Z2)
  • Fuse; Capsule fuse (F6, F7)
  • DILEM-10(230V50HZ,240V60HZ) (K10)
  • 04 DIL E (for K10)
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In addition, it is recommended to check and optimize the parameter list and refresh the EEPROM on the inverter CCU. This can extend the CCU board lifetime and reduce the error frequency.

In addition, we offer a free data analysis of the inverters when monitoring access is provided. In this way, inefficiencies and misbehavior of the inverters can be quickly identified.

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